‚ÄčBecome a part of the CIA Media Family 

CIA Media maintains a production studio and facility to produce original programming. We  also produce and edit on-location shoot for full programming or commercials. Let us help you market your product!  Email to inquiry how to make your dream a reality.

Video Productions

CIA Media Production Network wants you to feel comfortable with your package. CIA Media is here to expand your idea and  help your business grow. Contact us to help share your vision with the world.

CIA Media have many time slots available throughout the day, and we offer many options for program lengths. 30 second commercial slots up to full hour program blocks. Our time slots are digital for multiple spots on our online radio spots and our online web streaming television platform  as well. If you are small business and just starting out then we have the best budget for you.  We  are the perfect production company because we want to help your business grow and our prices will not break your wallets.  Email us at and let us make your dream a reality to grow your business.